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Additional Testimonials


"I was in your clinic last Wednesday for fillers and BOTOX. Just want to let you know that I’m very satisfied and happy with the results. Nobody noticed that I did something but they said I look radiant lol! Look at me I'm 10 yrs younger haha! Thanks for doing such a great job. Thank you again!" -Joy


"Thank you so much. My face looks so nice. I will recommended to my friends. You the best I will do more treatments with you." -A happy PDO Thread Lift Patient


"I just want to thank you for treating my hyperhidrosis a little while back. It’s been more wonderful than I expected! I don’t have to worry about my underarms, especially these hot summer months. My clothes don’t get ruined too!" -Betty


"Thank you so much for your help this past weekend. I gained so much knowledge from you. I enjoyed your jokes. If you are ever in Austin, let me know! I hope I can touch base with you from time-to-time as I continue to grow my practice and knowledge level. I feel very confident with the skills I’ve learned now, but I am eager to learn more!" -Daniella


"I have been going to dr lum for over 5 years every 3-4 months for Botox he is unbelievably skilled at what he does putting me at ease (I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to needles) he makes it painless and all the times I have come to him never once has he bruised my skin or made me bleed. He is very honest even telling me once that I still had enough Botox in my face and didn’t need it at that moment. Such honestly is very rare in the cosmetic field. His results speak for themselves people are genuinely surprised when I tell them I get Botox as he is very subtle yet effective. Your face deserves the best his prices are the most reasonable in la especially for someone so skilled. Trust me dr lum rocks!!" -Mary


"What a great guy! I just took his advanced BOTOX and filler class yesterday and received so many fantastic clinical pearls. His skill, technique, knowledge and understanding make him a truly gifted educator. Great hands! Truly gifted." -Tom



"Dr. Lum, Thank you for the time you spent with me talking and explaining everything about Botox. I have never been to a doctor that showed so much personal attention. You do your job well!" -Anonymous


"Thanks so much for everything. It was truly a fun learning experience for me." -Maureen


"Hello Dr. Lum, Thank you for a wonderful experience at the … seminar on Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. Your extensive wealth of knowledge coupled with the patience you taught with, enhanced my passion for esthetics and made for an outstanding learning experience. I am confident that the clinical pearls and industry secrets you shared will only propel me as a premier mid-level provider." -Ty Peterson, M.S.N., FNP-C


"Dr. Lum just gave a fabulous class. I was his model the students were very impressed with him. He was amazing. They were fascinated, great teacher." -Patricia M.



"Just finished I’m super happy with the results!!!!" -Denise


"Dr. Lum was an outstanding preceptor. He is a captivating speaker with a wealth of knowledge and the patience of an angel. His professionalism is beyond reproach. Just loved the guy and the entire staff. ESI is blessed to have him. Thank you for an outstanding experience, well worth every penny I paid !!" -Esthetic Skin Institute Student


"Loved your class!!" – Nurse Joanne


"Dr. Lum helps me feel better about myself. As a lady, what more can you ask for? The results are always better than I imagine.
I love that Dr. Lum can accommodate my crazy schedule.
Thank you for everything you have done." -Kandice K., Fullerton, CA


"Dr. Lum does amazing work. He takes the time with his patients to get an understanding of what they are trying to achieve. He won’t rush you in and out and definitely won’t give you the “overdone” look. His prices are fair and he is honest. He doesn’t try to sell you on products or service that you don’t need. He keeps me looking great. A friend referred me to him and I have been going to him for a couple of years now." -Sara N., Bellflower, CA


"Dr. Lum is one of the kindest, most skilled professionals I know. I was referred to him for hair removal and unlike other medical spas that often employ nurses to carry out the work, he does the treatments himself. Additionally, his bedside manner is wonderful! I have had several of my friends ask about my hair removal. I went from having such course hair that within an hour of shaving it appeared as though it had been 2 or 3 days since I last shaved, to shaving every few months. Not only were the results dramatic, but the money I saved on waxing was as well."


"I could not be happier with Dr. Lum. He is knowledgeable in both the treatments he performs and in those he chooses not to carry. When I inquired about cellulite reduction he was honest about the limitations of all the possible treatments out on the market and he actually told me point blank that for me specifically, it wasn’t worth my money. Additionally, when I inquired about lazoring the hair around my hairline, he referred me out to get threading. It is so rare to find someone who is honest and caring enough to refer out or dissuade a patient from a service when he doesn’t believe in it. Dr. Lum genuinely is invested in his clients. I highly recommend Lumier!" – Linda R., Redondo Beach, CA


"I have been going to Dr. Lum for a few years for botox and fillers and have been very pleased with the results. I prefer a natural look instead of looking too unlined or too puffed out, and Dr. Lum takes the time to listen to what I’m wanting, and because he is very experienced, he knows how to achieve the look that I want. I never have any bruising or lumpiness, and I would highly recommend him to all my friends." – Ellie S., Redondo Beach, CA


"I have been seeing Dr. Lum for years now, even my whole family knows him! He is definitely more than just a doctor… he actually cares about his patients and wants to take the time to make them feel confident and comfortable. I can safely say that he will be my “go-to” doctor for everything I need in the future! If you want a legit honest doctor and great results then try Dr. Lum. Even just stepping foot in his office makes me feel relaxed… wish I was there now!!" -Leeann M., Los Angeles, CA


"I was referred here by a family member for laser hair removal. Michael Lum is very friendly, knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything to you. Great experience! Super. Very nice receptionists also."– Lisa S., Gardena, CA


"This review is primarily on botox and fillers, although Dr. Lum provides a number of other procedures. I would highly recommend Dr. Lum to anyone based on his professionalism, warmth, and most importantly (to me), knowledge about his industry. Dr. Lum is not only respectful of what you want while listening patiently, but he is also well informed about current practices and procedures and takes the time to provide relevant information about any questions you may have. I tend to prefer a more natural look and Dr. Lum has a great eye. He is also very good about providing information about what would work best for you. There are many different ways and means of going about getting the look you want; however, Dr. Lum seems to help you do it in the most affordable and efficient manner. Lastly, he is probably the nicest man you will ever meet!" -Nancy K., Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"I took the botox class last year and was very satisfied. The instructor was very knowledgeable, experienced and an enthusiastic speaker. The information packets were well written and informative, and easy to use for reference. Also, the botox class provided good hands on practice and instruction with personal attention and guidance during the lab portion. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into this field." -Valerie F., Redlands, CA


"The doctor must have spent at least an hour addressing my concerns. I’ve been to other places that are pushy and try to sell you something. He explained all my options, and truly placed me at ease. I get my Botox and hair removal treatments here."


"I had my Botox done for many years at other places, but this is the first time someone took the time to listen and explain things in such detail. Dr. Lum does such a great job. My results were amazing."


"Dr. Lum was so helpful and did a great job with my botox… I will definitely go back."






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