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PDO Threads


PDO thread lift of jowls and jawline on a 68-yr-old male.  White arrows point to the droopy jowls.

Blue and green arrows show where bidirectional barbed threads were placed to lift the jowls and pull back on the jawline.  Compare before/after photos taken from different angles.

Patient has never had a facelift. This PDO procedure is minimally-invasive and involves no cutting of tissue.






Barbed PDO threads can reposition and lift the skin. 4 barbed PDO threads were placed in this Asian woman to lift in an upward and outer direction.  The blue lines show the direction in which the threads were placed. Notice in subsequent before and after photo sets how the face appears more slender and triangular in the lower portion of the face.  The nasolabial folds (NLF) and marionette areas were mildly improved as well.






Barbed PDO Threads can reposition and lift the skin.  See how only two PDO threads provided a mild lift and made the lower part of this woman’s face more slender in the after photos.  













Barbed PDO 3-vectors to cheek and 2-vectors to jawline to reapproximate tissue in the lifted position. One can see the effect it had to lift the nasolabial fat pads and jowls.








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