Lumier Medical to get new EHR system!

Re: MediTouch Electronic Health Record System

 We are excited to announce that we will soon implement a customized Electronic Health Record system via MediTouch that will help us manage your protected medical records and personal health information in an electronic format that is absolutely safe and confidential.

“The American Osteopathic Association has taken the time and performed rigorous due diligence to review the benefits of MediTouch EHR….They evaluated MediTouch EHR on numerous criteria including features, costs, implementation, ease of use, training time and most importantly practical application in a clinical environment. After comparing <this> product on these and other criteria against various other EHR systems the AOA selected MediTouch as the first and only EHR to receive their endorsement.”
For those patients who receive cosmetic injectable procedures, this new system will help the doctor better track the precise injection sites for consistency and improved outcomes!

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