Latisse – Can It Give Me the Long Eyelashes I Desire?

Models - 54Our eyelashes protect our eyes from debris and act as a warning when objects get too close to our eyes. For women, full eyelashes also enhance the face. However, eyelashes begin to thin out as we age due to a condition known as hypotrichosis.

There are a number of reasons for hypotrichosis. From old age to iron deficiency to vacuities, all can be responsible for the thinning of the eyelashes. While not a real health concern, most women don’t like the idea of thinning eyelashes.

Latisse is one of the best treatments for hypotrichosis. Latisse is a prescription medication that has proven to be quite effective in regrowing longer, thicker eyelashes in a few months.

We prescribe Latisse at Lumier Medical. The treatment involves applying the topical solution onto the eyelashes every night before you go to bed. You will start seeing results in about 12 to 16 weeks. Latisse has proven to be very safe. However, in the beginning of your treatment, you may feel a slight itching sensation in your eyes after application of the solution.

If you want the big eyelashes that you had when you were young then our Latisse treatment is what you need. Call us at Lumier Medical.

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