Using You Own Blood to Fight Skin Aging

Did you know that you can use your own blood to reduce the appearance of folds, creases, acne scars, and other signs of physical aging? Forget the antioxidants in superfoods and let’s delve instead into the bloody world of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment!

What is it?

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood. It contains platelets and growth factors that stimulate soft tissue healing. You may be already familiar with how platelets help in wound healing through blood clot formation. Research has also found that these platelets and growth factors also stimulate stem cell production, increase collagen production, and improve blood supply to the area.

How long do PRP results last?

Each individual responds differently to PRP treatments. Generally, you can expect the results to last for a year or so. You can also choose to combine PRP with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as laser skin resurfacing procedures. PRP tends to dramatically reduce healing times of standard skin rejuvenation treatments.

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