Lip Lines Are Not Sexy

Lip LinesLike everything else, your lips are not immune to the effects of the passage of time. Volume loss in the lips is one of the classic signs of aging. Dwindling collagen levels brought about by aging not only lead to thinning lips, but also make it easier for fine lines around the mouth to become more visible.

Unsightly lip lines are a result of a combination of genetics, sun exposure, and the constant puckering and pursing of the lips when smoking. Lack of moisture in the area also makes the lips more prone to wrinkling. The drier the lips, the more susceptible they are to lip lines and creases.

Products that contain retinol and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) can help prevent the premature appearance of lip lines. Although lip balms and similar products that help moisturize the lip area can help, their effects are only temporary. Quitting smoking will reduce the puckering that leads to wrinkles, too.

Injectables such as Botox and, more recently, Restylane Silk can tone down the appearance of lip lines. The former relaxes the underlying muscles while the latter increases lip volume.

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