Facial Lines and Wrinkles Are Not Created Equal

The words lines and wrinkles are often used interchangeably in describing signs of facial aging. Yet those words actually refer to two different things. In fact, lines and wrinkles have two distinct causes.

What are facial lines?

First of all, facial lines are not necessarily a result of aging. They are formed due to repetitive muscle movements such as when you frown, smile, or squint. Plus, they may be more noticeable when your skin lacks moisture. Since youthful skin is inherently elastic and can snap back to its original shape, the appearance of lines may be temporary. However, they could become permanent as your skin ages.

Facial lines typically appear on the forehead, around the corners of the eyes, between the brows, and the corners of the mouth.

What are facial wrinkles?

Facial wrinkles are predominantly a result of untreated facial lines. They are more dramatic in appearance and resemble that of a fold or a crease. Aside from the natural process of aging, where collagen (a type of protein responsible for plump, youthful skin) supply dwindles, on younger people a line can be transformed into a wrinkle due to unprotected sun exposure and persistent lack of moisture in the skin.

Consistent use of sunscreen and moisturizers is your first line of defense from having facial lines turn into wrinkles. However, they only work well as a preventive measure. Once the line has transformed into a wrinkle, injectables are your best bet! There are various injectables that target different problem areas, ranging from muscle relaxants like Botox and Xeomin to facial fillers for volume-deficient areas.

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