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Dark under eye circles plague men and women of all ages and races. They may go by any other names — from raccoon eyes to shiners to being blue-eyed — but almost anyone who have dark under eye circles are unified in their wish to banish them once and for all!

At the Lumier Medical, reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles is one of the most concerns of first-time visitors. Although there have been treatments and products that have been proven to prevent or reduce one from looking raccoon-eyed, it should be noted that not all dark under eye circles are created equal! Read on below to learn what exactly causes dark under eye circles and how the Lumier Medical team can help you appear younger and less fatigued through minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

Factors Influencing the Appearance of Dark Under Eye Circles

Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Circles

Reducing the appearance of under eye dark circles is possible if you have accurately identified the factors that has caused it (except for genetics). However, this is only applicable for mild cases. Men and women who are looking for minimally invasive solutions to reduce the appearance of their under eye circles can resort to dermal filler treatments. Specifically, fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm have been shown to improve the appearance of raccoon eyes by adding more volume in the lower eyelids.

If you’d like to learn more about dermal fillers, we’d love to hear from you! The Lumier Medical team are a physician-owned and -operated medical practice in Torrance, California. We specialize in the latest minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures available to improve age-related changes or otherwise enhance one’s physical appearance.

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